Sunday, 8 November 2009

Charity event

Yesterday i did a charity event in newcastle to raise money for Sophie Atay who has cancer. It was the first event i've done and i thoroughly enjoyed it. I didnt sell much as the event itself was a bit quiet, but i did get one lady asking if i wanted a stall at a fund raising event that she is putting together, and i gave out plenty of flyers for my website.

It was an experience. I dont think its something that i could to regulary, but once in a few months or maybe just around christmas would be good.

I took a picture of my display, but i have no way of getting it from my phone to my computer. Didnt think of that at the time, i will get it up though.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Soap Cake

I've been making soap for over 2 years now and i have never made a soap cake before.

This is my first attempt, its black raspberry & vanilla flavour. Smells gorgeous :o)
Tried something different for the topping and its not exactly perfect, but for my first go i'm more than happy with it


Well this is my second blog. For some reason i cant log into my other one so i've started another.

I'm Laura and I make soap. I love making it, ive always been a creative person and after giving up card making i got bored, haha! So bought a soap kit and my passion started from there, and now i have my own business. I still have to work though, but it would be nice if one day i could give that up....thats what i'm aiming for :o)

I shall be adding some of my creations on here, along with updates on whats going on.