Monday, 18 October 2010

Im not good at updating this

One day i wll update this more regulary. I should really save the web address somewhere so i can see it and remind myself about it.

Cant believe its been 10 months since i last said something! So whats been happening in the world of Soaps by Laura....

Well the main thing is that i'm going to be a mummy. I'm expecting my baby girl on the 9th March 2011. Even though ive had an easy pregnancy compared to some, i havent half been tired, which has been effecting orders :o(

My website is doing great now. Facebook has helped loads, by getting me noticed by new people, and ive received quite a few orders from there, and now have some lovely returning customers. My wholesale website is starting to take off aswell. Orders were trickling in since i opened in in June, but now they're coming in might have something to do with that, but i have customers who i supply to who have there own shops etc, so maybe "fingers crossed" i'll get some more orders next year.
Ebay is doing incrediably well, as always. Christmas orders have been coming in since August, which is alot earlier than last year. I'm acutally struggling to keep up with orders, and have considered closing it for a week or so too catch up, but ive decided to keep it open for this week and see what i can get done.

Other than that, nothing special has been going on.....oooooo i lie....ive started doing markets, well when i say started, ive done 1, which didnt go as well as expected, but it hasnt put me off and i'm doing another in Whickham on the 21st November, and then i'm doing Gibside Christmas Fair on the 4th December, which i'm really looking forward too. Just got to remember this time to NOT leave all my soap making to the very last minute!!

Well i think thats it. I'll update again soon...I promise, may even stick some christmas soap pictures up :o)